Chivalry is Alive and Well in Lexington

Chivalry dead? UK players think not, kind sir...

Chivalry dead? UK players think not, kind sir...

Over the past few days, UK message boards and blogs lit up like fires burning beneath clandestine moonshine stills in the Bluegrass State.

Allegedly, several UT players were hanging out in a Lexington apartment complex and running amok with females of the UK variety.

Why were the Vols so far from home you ask? Perhaps they were in town to pay property taxes, as any Vol fan will tell you that UT owns the Cats in Lexington and have for quite some time now.

The purported damsel in distress telephoned some members of the Wildcat football team, who promptly arrived at the scene dressed as Kentucky Colonels, removed white gloves from their hands, rapped the offending Vols across their faces, and challenged them to a pistol duel at 20 paces kicked in the door of the apartment, and then rushed in to combat the UT “Wild Boys” while brandishing a firearm of some sort.

Police were called to the scene, and a chase of the perpetrators began on foot. No one was apprehended, but shortly thereafter talk of “imminent arrests” began to surface.

As yet, no charges have been filed and the investigation may well be over, though we did get to see some excellent “O.J. style” pre-arrest cyber posturing from a couple of UK guys –   


Micah Johnson wrote on his facebook page, “The truth will come out.”

Safety Randall Burden posted on his Twitter account: “…I might be through just because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time…”

This looks like a job for the ambulance chasing attorney/UK super-booster Darryl Isaacs AKA: “The Kentucky Hammer”!

UT managed to escape unscathed, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the SEC. This incident will only serve to embolden the Wild Boys to make other incursions into enemy territory.

Your fear is warranted.

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