Saban Thinks UGA is a Septic Tank

I wasn’t too confident UGA was going to land Kirby Smart as their new defensive coordinator, but after reading these comments made by Saban after the Tide’s National Championship, I’m almost certain Smart to UGA is a done deal and will be formally announced tomorrow.

St. Nick stated:

“I’m always happy and interested for our coaches to be able to advance professionally, especially if it is a professional advancement in terms of a guy being a coordinator who can go be a head coach in a situation where he has a chance to be successful. . . .

“I’m not pleased when guys make lateral moves because it’s a little bit human nature to think, like my dad used to say, the grass is always greener on top of the septic tank. You always think it’s better someplace else. You kind of let your ego get involved, and you make moves that you shouldn’t make and really aren’t in your best interests for a career standpoint. So I’m not happy when guys do that. But anybody on our staff who can move up, we would like to help them do that.”

I wonder if Nick considers his move from the Dolphins to Alabama a “lateral move”?

Your ego has sold you out again Nick…

Kirby Smart will be named the new defensive coordinator at UGA on Monday, January 11th, 2009.

Manbearpig will not be pleased…


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4 responses to “Saban Thinks UGA is a Septic Tank

  1. S. FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    those pics are too funny! GO DAWGS!

  2. Justin Blevins

    Kirby is staying at Alabama, said it today infact. Sucks to be a Dawg…losers! Roll Tide!

    Also, I like making out with my cousin and you will never convince me that it is wrong!

    • dawgdayafternoon

      Ooops! Looks like I jumped the gun there Gumps.

      Before news broke that Smart wasn’t leaving, Bammeroids claimed all he did was hold Saban’s clipboard.

      Now that Kirby is staying, the houndstooth heathens claim Smart is a defensive genius – on par with Buddy Ryan during his heyday with the Bears…

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