Tuesday Post 04/06/10

Headed To The Spring Game

Only 4 days and I’m Athens bound. It’s not often that I slither out of this snug, little hamlet that is only a stones-throw away from where Deliverance was filmed. I will be setting the trusty VCR to tape the Spring G-Day Game on CSS (Tivo is for pu$$ie$).

I will begin the day with a 45 minute drive down 441 (carefully avoiding the lure of the J&J Flea Market), followed by breakfast at Weaver D’s. I will then wander downtown looking for random video footage before I make my way to Sanford Stadium. The camera will have to be transported back to the car, as I am assuming the Orwellian SEC Media Policy will be in full force – no sending text messages reporting the score live or I will be whist away and poked with fluffy pillows by the Spanish Inquisition.

In fact, to insure compliance, I am going to be shooting all footage in Super 8 format, and recording audio separately on a bulky cassette recorder. The film cartridge will have to be chemically developed in Kansas, digitized, then shipped back. I’m looking at a two week turnaround. I will be reverting back to production methods commonplace in the 70’s so not as to offend my SEC overlords.

I will probably be spending some time at the Blind Pig Tavern before the game if anyone wants to drop by and punch me in the face.

The little lady will be staying home this time – high heels and lots of walking rub blisters on her feet, so, she has decided to let me off the chain and go it alone. I have left instructions for her to watch the following video repeatedly in order to educate her on the finer points of the game, and to keep her from disturbing my concentration with her annoying questions this season during live broadcasts.

David Hale – The James Brown of Blogging

David Hale - the hardest working man in blog business.

I just want to pause for a brief moment to state how lucky we Dawg fans are to have David Hale on the beat for our team. A wise message board sage summed up Hale’s work recently with the following comment:

Hale is without a doubt the best beat writer out there. He’s progressed up to a level by himself. The sheer volume of work he puts out is remarkable. He also has pretty good insight into the football itself, unusual for a journalist. A Georgia fan could follow Hale alone and not miss very much at all.

Most of the people who have access to the program and write about it are football idiots. They never played the game and have a superficial understanding of it. They are the creators of the ridiculous hype that distracts and misleads the Dawgnation and plagues the players and the program at every opportunity, by its nature.

Hale isn’t like that.

I take a shot at media types from time to time, and rightly so. So it’s very pleasing to post this, as credit should go where it’s deserved. Hale won’t be around forever, no doubt he’ll move on to greener pastures at some point.

So we should appreciate him while he’s here.

Legions of Dawg fans appreciate your hard work and skill Mr. Hale. We are truly blessed to have you on our side.

Speaking of Hale, he just posted this interview with new secondary coach Scott Lakatos on his youtube page.

I like what I have seen out of “The Greek Freek” so far – especially the fact that he showed up for our first practice this spring wearing red pants.

Blogging: Serious Business…

This is a note to my 5 or 6 regular readers.

Though my output of late has been quite feeble, I can promise my handful of regular readers that I will continue this assault on grammar and journalistic integrity as long as I have enough money to cover the DSL bill.

The reason I am bringing up this subject is because over the last day or so I have been updating all my links, and I noticed that at least 10 blogs had either not posted anything in more than 6 months or had officially “hung it up”. Orange and Blue Hue was the most surprising casualty of the bunch. In spite of the subject matter discussed over there, that blog will be sorely missed.

So, all links have been updated. The fat has been trimmed. Look at them or I will tear out your soul.

In closing, I solemnly swear that I will continue to sporadically post here until I am jailed or assaulted by angry readers.

The Amish Ain’t So Tough…

I want revenge on the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Michael Adams and Damon Evans should follow the Bammers lead and put Penn State on the schedule sometime in the near future – then one up them by adding Pitt as well.

I am still stinging from the three combined Sugar Bowl losses (’77, ’82, ’83) handed to us by that abandoned, iron smelting, wasteland of a state.

Also, Amish people totally suck a$$. Their children sell meth, and they were all laughing at us a few summers ago when we were paying $5.50 for a gallon of gasoline.

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