The Passion of The Nance

It looks like the piney splinters from UT’s bench have moved their way up from Nash Nance’s ass and into his mouth.

Recently, Nash stated to the Knoxville News Sentinel that his ticket to a D1 scholly friend and fellow teammate Da’ Rick Rogers had “bad dealings” with UGA coaches, causing his last-minute switch from UGA to the Vols.

He further inflated his sense of self-importance (and confused himself with Jonathan Crompton) when he went on to claim he received “death threats”, presumably from Georgia fans.

Nance also stated that he and his father had been “crucified” on the internet. Internet crucifixion is a excruciatingly painful and gory fate reserved only for the most vile and wretched offenders – folks like The Church of Scientology… My heart bleeds for you Nash.

Nash Nance – you are spoiled, no-talent brat clinging desperately to the coattails of your boy Rogers. It’s not such a big deal that you ignored your new coach’s media policy and contracted diarrhea of the mouth because you have about as much chance of seeing the field at UT as I do of finger banging Megan Fox on a Learjet. Hopefully the boycott of Nance Carpet will continue long enough to prohibit your father from purchasing you that diamond encrusted clipboard for you to clutch on the sidelines for the next 4 years.

As for Rogers, after watching the following video I am glad he chose UT. He will fit in perfectly with the rest of the shirtless “Wild Boys” up there on Rocky Top.


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6 responses to “The Passion of The Nance

  1. tyler

    “Fingerbangin Megan Fox on a learjet.” awesome. This kid’s a big douche

  2. d

    The only reason Da’rick is going to Tennessee is because mike Nance bought him a new car to follow Nash to Tennessee. and Nash wouldn’t have been offered to Tennessee if it wasn’t for Da’rick. Karma is a bitch, this will all come back to bite the whole crew in the ass. Nash will never play and Da’rick will probably get kicked off the team for getting arrested. he will end up working at a gas station. Where is Mike or Nash going to be when Da’rick is in jail or has some real trouble. they played him like a fool and I’m glad we don’t have that defector, he is a cancer and it worked out in our best interests. Can’t wait to see Rambo jack him up! Go Dawgs!

  3. Dawg19

    The Megan Fox comment caused me to laugh out loud for a couple of minutes. Well played…

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  5. i love the dark hair of Megan Fox, it really makes her look very very sexy :

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