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I’m glad this whole mess is over. Good to know I didn’t waste a bunch of time speculating about the imminent conference apocalypse when the whole thing amounted to Nebraska and Colorado jumping ship from the Big XII.

That Chip Brown guy from the Texas Rivals site sure is milkin’ his 15 minutes. Now he is babbling some nonsense about Arkansas to the Big 12 minus 2 and basically called the Gumps a bunch of dum dums.

Chip Brown: Rivals Minister of Information

Chip Brown: Orangebloods Minister of Information

Much to do over nothing in the end. I think the basic thing we all learned from this is that Texas is basically the Boss Hogg of the Big XII.


Looks like UGA may be stepping forward to begin picking the carcass of the new post-sanctions USC.

Former Carver standout Jarvis Jones has received his walking papers from USC and is reported to be hanging around Athens at the moment. FSU and UGA are believed to be competing for his services.

Jarvis Jones USC UGA

In this moronic internet pundits humble opinion, landing Jones could do more than help just help out the UGA linebacker corp. Snatching away Jones from USC could put to rest the “Carver hates UGA” rumblings and may even have an impact on Carver RB Isaiah Crowell’s choice of schools.

UPDATE: Jarvis Jones has transferred to UGA per the AJC. Since Jones was granted a release prior to the NCAA hammer drop on USC, he may have to sit out one year pending an appeal from UGA. Regardless of whether or not he is permitted to play in Athens next season, Jones will still have three years of eligibility remaining.

In other recruiting news, the Dawgs scooped up “silent Georgia Tech commit” Nick Marshall recently, and may have a shot at adding another top notch prospect when Tucker linebacker James Vaughters announces his decision around lunchtime this Thursday. Dalton tackle prospect Watts Dantzler will announce his decision between Auburn and UGA this Sunday. Watts’ late father Danny was an O-lineman for the Dawgs in the early 70’s.


In other USC-related news, this blog post provides an excellent breakdown of the Top 10 Biggest College Football Program Scandals.

You can't spell cocksucker  without OU

I am a little surprised to see Okie State on the list, and the absence of Clemson during the Danny Ford years is puzzling as well. The author does not include the George O’Leary resume’ padding, or the Mike Price up in da’ club incidents, as these are considered to be individual “achievements”.

UGA vs. Mormons

Here we have a clip from 1982 featuring Herschel and the Dawgs taking on Steve Young and BYU:

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  1. Warrior Queen Boudica

    I love “silent commitments”! Is that like when a buddist monk takes a “vow of silence”? “I vow to commit in silence”. Sounds like kung fu.

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