Oh snap! Paul Finebaum thinks UGA should fire Todd Grantham for making a choking gesture at UF kicker Chas Henry last Saturday.

Let’s recap. People who do not like Todd Grantham so far:

  • Paul Finebaum
  • Jeff Schultz
  • Tony Barnhart
  • Jim Rome
  • Douche bags on ‘Around The Horn’
  • Florida Fans
  • Self-Loathing Dawg Fans on the AJC blogs

He must be doing something right.

Plus, you never know – Grantham’s gesture could have been a signal for Rainey to take it easy on his old lady after the game…

Todd Grantham Choke

Many a self righteous, Bible-thumping Dawg fan have taken to the AJC blogs to express their “outrage” over this, but the only comments that actually matter are ones like these:

“I love Coach Grantham,” quarterback Aaron Murray said. “He has some fire to him. I think the guys love it. I love it. … That’s his mentality, and I think it’s awesome.”


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  1. Bright Idea

    Should the 40,000 of us in the stands doing the same thing not bother to go to work tomorrow? Finebaum has to keep interest outside of Bama, he’s on satellite radio now. Those planted callers won’t be enough.

    • dawgdayafternoon

      Finebaum is trash and I am glad Todd Grantham is getting after some asses. It pleases me to see that he detests Florida as much as the rest of the country does.

  2. Hallelujah – Love Coach Grantham – We have needed that type of fire and courage to not back down from Florida for a long time! GO DAWGS

  3. Marie

    So, it is OK for rainey, a criminal, to be re-instated to win vs us, by the soul-less crier, but one small gesture is bad. wish the team played with the fire Grantham has.

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