The Gator Guide To Cocktail Party Class

Well, it looks like the mass media has begun its politically correct assault on my beloved Coach Todd Grantham.

Here is what the great Tony Barnhart has to say about the situation:

“It took a couple of days to sort out but the facts are no longer in dispute. Grantham, Georgia’s first-year defensive coordinator, did something in the Georgia-Florida game that is so far over the line that it can’t even be debated. He gave a student-athlete from another school, Florida kicker Chas Henry, the choke sign as Henry was preparing to kick the game winning field goal. Grantham was caught in a screen capture and the image went viral in no time at all.  Jeff Schultz showed you the video where Henry told Tracy Wolfson of CBS that coaches on the Georgia sidelines were telling him that he was going to choke.”

“It took a couple of days to sort out”

TRANSLATION: I was late to the PC party…

So, in order to prevent an incident like this from occurring again, with the help of MS Paint I have complied a handy list of what is/is not allowed to go on at the WLOCP according to the great guru’s Schultz and Barnhart. You can click on the images to make them BIGGA!

Here we go:

Urban Meyer Timeouts

Brandon Spikes Eye Gouge

Chris Rainey Fucking Felon

Todd Grantham Choke

I hope this visual representation of what constitutes class will be helpful in the future – both to our coaching staff and fan base.

Inspiration was provided by the Van Gogh of foul-mouthed MS Paint pics – the Texas fan over at Prevail and Ride


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4 responses to “The Gator Guide To Cocktail Party Class

  1. Largemouth Dawg

    What about Florida running the whole 1st offense out with 5 minutes left in the game in 09 only to run a play and bring all of them back off the field to make a point to everyone that now the 2nd string offense is in? That never gets mentioned

  2. The coach put a hand to his throat
    suggesting the kicker would choke.
    He felt no regret,
    hoped all would forget.
    I’m sure later he’ll claim he misspoke.

  3. gtwannabes

    I am gay and I wish I was not a Florida fan.

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