Things Dirtier Than Nick Fairley

I am praying for an NFL lockout. Not because that would give us all another year to marvel at the talent of AJ Green, but because it would give our offensive line another opportunity to end the career of the biggest pile of shit in college football – Nick Fairley.

Before the game, I looked over to my wife and said:

“We have to watch out for #90 – the guy has a reputation for roughing up quarterbacks with pro wrestling moves.”

Sure enough, Fairley immediately started in with the late hits and bush league bullshit, culminating late in the game when he crashed his helmet into Aaron Murray’s knee.

After getting a good nights sleep, this morning I have calmed down somewhat and have come to the realization that, yes – there are things in this world even dirtier than Nick Fairley.


5. Times Square subway station bathroom, circa 1982

Nick Fairley dirty piece of shit

4. Booger picked from the nose of a deceased homeless man

Nick Fairley is a fucking dirty thug

3. The floor of an animal hoarder’s mobile home

Nick Fairley is Cam Netwon's gay lover

2. Lindsay Lohan

Nick Fairley is a lump of shit

1. Cecil Newton and the Auburn football program

Cecil Newton is a dirty preacher who whores out his son for $

It takes a special kind of man to shop around his son to colleges with a pay-for-play scheme while hiding behind the pulpit preaching about “morality”.

Cecil Newton is that kind of man.

By supporting the actions of players like Fairley and burying their head in the sand in regards to the Newton situation, the Auburn program has now entered into a Faustian pact and it’s only a matter of time before Mephistopheles comes to collect.

Personally, I hope that the Barn goes all the way and wins the BCS championship game just so I can revel in their misery when the NCAA finally drops the hammer and forces them to forfeit all their games from 2010.

Auburn Family


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13 responses to “Things Dirtier Than Nick Fairley

  1. HamDawg11

    You’re dang right he’s dirty! I live in Alabama and my wife is the only AU fan over here that admits he was playing dirty. You’ll never convince me that the last hit on Murray’s knees wasn’t intentional. If it were any other player, then I may have a tendency to believe it. But, Fairley’s reputation precedes him. He’s always played dirty, and he always will.

  2. tim

    nick fairly i hope you die in a car crash, i hope your children be born retarded and handicapped. I hope you mama burns in a fire. I hope you are kidnapped by the taliban and you are slowly tortured until you die from starvation(It will take months for him to die from starvation you fat piece of shit). die die die die die die die die die you fat bastard. you obese piece of shit

  3. fairley=thug

    i agree fairley clearly was blocked TOWARD Murray, but not into him. If you watch the play over again you can clearly see Fairley throw his head into Murray’s knee. I’ll admit Fairley is athletic, you have to be to play college football, so this being the case Fairley could of easliy avoided hitting Murray.

    • AU>UGAly

      Boohoo…… GA’s Offensive is pitiful……….. If they didnt resort to illegal blocking, Murray wouln’t have gotten hurt that way.

  4. Allen

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it usually is. In this case it’s just a piece of sh-t!

  5. Voice your concerns at Mike Slive Commissioner
    (205) 458-3000
    Southeastern Conference
    2201 Richard Arrington Blvd. North
    Birmingham, AL 35203

  6. Rob

    Didn’t they set part of the campus on fire?

  7. pat

    all you are bunch of sorry losers. So what we play nasty. who is 11-0? WDE

  8. the other side

    obviously no one on this board has actually played football before, especially in the trenches. The other team is your enemy and their quarterback can win the war for them. Every defensive tackle will try to take the other quarterback out of the game. You don’t think there was probably a couple cheap shots on Cameron Newton while he was in a pile? Stop complaining and realize they’re playing in the SEC, not some powder puff football game.

  9. AU>UGAly

    For that nice Auburn picture above………. All Auburn insignias are on the left hand side of shirts…….. F*cking Dumb@$$

  10. autiger83

    I love it. Whippin that dawgie azz is the gift that keeps on giving. Yall whine and cry and bitch and moan all year long. Scwheet. In case you cant count, there were 10 personal fouls in the game. 5 were on Georgia. That includes chop blocks, late hits, etc.

    Fairleys slam on Murray shouldnt have happened. but the knee thing was an honest football play. He was blocked into murray on that one. I just think the UGA linemen got pissed that all their players kept getting hauled off the field injured because they were taking an azz whippin.

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